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Inside the World Trade Center

Discover the 5 Key Facility Management Insights That Can Benefit Your Organization. At a symbolic 1776 feet, One World Trade Center is not only one of the most visible addresses in the world, but also one of the most recognized and prestigious. Now you have the opportunity to learn how you can improve your own […]

Inspections Done Right: The Backbone of a Strong Preventive Maintenance Program

Facility managers today can’t wait until something breaks to address it. However, that’s too often the case, in situations where inspections aren’t completed – or worse, aren’t even planned. Inspections can be time consuming and easily take a back burner when problems or unexpected customer demands pop up.

How Safe & Secure is Your Venue?

Find out Today. Stadiums, ball parks and arenas face more security and safety threats than ever before. However, venue management has not transformed to fully adapt to this new normal. You can’t think about security without thinking about safety – and vice versa. But the lines between the two are blurry, so they’re often lumped together […]

Toolkit: Selecting the Right KPIs for your Organization

Rather than focusing on measuring every metric available based on the data you have, facility management and operations teams should instead focus on 3-5 key performance indicators that provide true insight into the success of the organization. In the toolkit, you’ll get: Guidance on how to select the right set of KPIs based on your […]

Finding the Right Facility Management Software: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

The search for a facility management software can be a daunting task. It is difficult to know where to start, what to look for and how to successfully implement new software. However, as technologies evolve and become a necessity in organizations, many facility managers are going to have to tackle the task of finding a […]

Finding the Right Facility Management Software

4 Facility Management Trends Driving Corporate Real Estate

Practical Strategies to Implement Today 4 Facility Manage TrendsCo-working, flexible workspaces, the Internet of Things, smart building technology are just a few of the factors that are driving corporate real estate organizations to overhaul their facility management approaches. We’ve broken down four of the most important trends and provided examples of ways to quickly and […]

Five Powerful Ways to Improve Tenant Retention

Tenants are 3x more likely to renew their leases when they are satisfied with management. However, tenant gripes and frustrations often go unnoticed and unresolved. Get the insider’s guide to learn: The real cost of tenant dissatisfaction How to proactively uncover tenant frustrations and mitigate risk Strategies to shorten response time to tenant requests New […]