Industry Insights

Breaking Down the Walls in your Management Technology Stack

The last “View from the Top” webinar highlighted an important shift taking place in commercial real estate, as the walls break down between stakeholders and their solution providers within the technology stack.

The Case for Agile Development and Operations

As a sponsor of last month’s Realcomm CIO Forum in New York, I had the great opportunity to sit in on the Enterprise Architecture breakout sessions conducted by Anthony Nazzaro from NOI Strategies. During the second of the three sessions, there was an interesting digression we wanted to further explore.

Three Ways to Improve Vendor Management and Reduce Risk

Managing vendors is a lot like swimming in murky waters – it is difficult for facility leaders to peer below the surface and notice threats that could be lurking close by. This is largely fueled by a lack of transparency into the quality of work that vendors are performing on their behalf, making it difficult to decide whether or not that work measures up to what was agreed upon when contracts were signed.

Human Behavior: The Missing Link in Intelligent Buildings

Until recently, technology has been a barrier to maximizing the value of intelligent buildings. However, human behavior now stands in the way – both in terms of managing the use of data and merging the human feedback element into the decision making loop.

Five Powerful Ways to Improve Tenant Retention

Tenants are 3x more likely to renew their leases when they are satisfied with management. However, tenant gripes and frustrations often go unnoticed and unresolved. Get the insider’s guide to learn: The real cost of tenant dissatisfaction How to proactively uncover tenant frustrations and mitigate risk Strategies to shorten response time to tenant requests New […]