NYU Langone Medical Center

AwareManager’s facility management software underpins the NYU Langone Medical Center’s various facilities and operations management.


A Blue Ribbon Partnership
How AwareManager helped transition NYU Langone Medical Center, one of the nation’s top hospital facilities, from a disorganized, asset management system to an all-encompassing solution backed by outstanding customer service.

The Challenge
Everything about the NYU Langone Medical Center is world-class. The patient-centered, Manhattan-based facility comprises three nationally ranked hospitals and the NYU School of Medicine, which is considered one of the nation’s preeminent academic institutions. Chief among its many renowned programs, which include 15 nationally ranked specialties, is NYU Langone’s Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, which has been named one of the top 10 hospitals of its kind since 1989 according to U.S. News and World Report.

nyu3Yet, prior to 2008, the software that the medical center used to track its work orders, preventive maintenance, and inventory wasn’t living up to the facility’s blue ribbon reputation. That system was mostly unreliable, producing messy, inaccurate data that left the hospital staff disenchanted with its usefulness. Even worse, the Fortune 500 company that supplied the software wasn’t responsive to product issues and failed to provide consistent customer service support. All of that changed in March 2008 when NYU Langone’s management team decided to make the switch in March 2008 to AwareManager.

The reason? AwareManager’s encompassing solution provided an easier-to-use information management system backed by a comprehensive customer service promise: the company’s client service team and its organizational hierarchy — from the CEO, to the developers, to the sales team –are unequivocally committed to the success of its clients.

“NYU Langone needed — and deserved — a system that could serve as a foundation for multiple departments and they needed to feel comfortable that they were dealing directly with people that knew how to solve their problem,” says Jeff Thompson, AwareManager’s executive director. “With the previous system, they kept getting different customer service people when they needed help. We were able to provide a far more attentive experience and a product that met their expectations.”nyu

The Solution
AwareManager’s staff kicked off the installation of its product by working closely with NYU Langone’s Engineering and Facilities department, converting the hospital’s equipment and maintenance schedule information into the new system. During that process, marked improvements were made to its information including introducing new preventive maintenance categorizations for Joint Commission reporting purposes, creating standard tasks, and implementing new procedures.

“Our goal was to do anything we could to make that process more efficient for NYU Langone’s staff,” explains Thompson. “Engineering and facility maintenance can be very data intensive and it’s an area where there’s often a lot of scrutiny, so it’s critical for hospitals to make sure that’s right before tackling the rest of it. That was a great place to start, because from there it was easier to add other departments to the system.”