About Us

At AwareManager, we help our clients in the commercial and corporate real estate, healthcare and stadium industries deliver the best tenant, employee and guest experiences possible.

Our software and mobile applications allow organizations to:

  • Increase retention rates by optimizing operations to deliver unmatched experiences
  • Reduce operating costs and generate new revenue streams
  • Improve response times while reducing the administrative burden and overall costs

And our expertise goes beyond offering comprehensive solutions. We have one of the most seasoned implementation teams in the industry, working with some of the most complex, iconic facilities in the world. With a dedicated support team, our clients avoid common – and costly – implementation roadblocks, ensuring that all projects are successes from the very beginning.

“We selected the AwareManager not only for its superior functional capabilities, but because of the expertise of the implementation team and their willingness to collaborate with us on new features as our requirements evolve.”

—Paul Williams, Director of Engineering, Children’s Hospital Boston LLC